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Creating Your “List Builder Funnel”

As a distributor or associate, you will often have a website with the URL (web address) of MYNetworkMarketingCompany.com/myname_or_mydistributornumber. Not easy for potential customer to remember. An email address of [email protected] does not give the impression that this is a real business. The most important thing you can do is to build a list of potential clients. Remember, customers in your networking marketing company’s database belong to them, not you. And Facebook accounts can be deleted by Facebook, causing you to lose all the people who joined your page. Creating a “List Builder Funnel” allows you to capture names and email addresses, give the gift of valuable information in exchange (known as a lead magnet) and you can stay in touch with these people, turning suspects into prospects and prospects into customers.

To create your “List Builder Funnel” here is what to do: 

Using NameCheap.com Select the best Domain_Name.com you can think of (schedule a zoom with us for brainstorming help). If it is available purchase it at once, it may not be available later. On the next page scroll down to Private Email and select Buy Now.

Navigate to www.GrooveWithCat.com Select Free Account or Get Started for Free. Create your free Groove account. Send the link to your corporate web page along with a free give away document to download (eg. Ten Tips for Healthy Living). You can create a great giveaway at www.Canva.com. Let us know if you need ideas. Marketing Success Pros will configure Namecheap and design a simple landing page and thank you page on your Groove account.

Prospects will be able to enter their name and email address then receive a link to your give away item. Their data will be stored for your follow up marketing use. Everyone will see a link to your corporate page on both the landing page and the thank you page. You will have a new Domain_name and email You@Domain_name.com to make your business more professional. NameCheap will cost about $20 each year. It is your domain name and email service. We suggest Automatic Renewal. Groove will cost $0 and will remain free as long as you keep the free account.

Marketing Success Pros charges $300 ($250 special Expo price) to configure, design, and create your List Builder Funnel.